A tradition of quality that must be upheld

ENGELMÜLLER GLOVES HAVE BEEN prized for their superb craftsmanship ever since the brand was founded in 1865. We feel bound by the brand’s history and our predecessors’ legacy to make sure this glovemaking tradition continues to meet the highest possible standards. Take a look at how our gloves are made. 

It all starts with the choice of leather

THE PRODUCTION OF EVERY PAIR OF GLOVES consists of a series of steps, each of which has its own specific requirements and features. The very first step is to choose the most suitable leather from renowned regions of France or Italy, or in some cases from Josef Strnad’s tannery in the Czech town of Solnice. Depending on the required softness, durability, colour and intended use, we choose between lambskin, deerskin and special kinds of American buckskin, South American peccary skin or Merino Shearling sheepskin.

Fits like a glove

AN INVENTION BY FRENCH GLOVER XAVER JOUVIN from 1834 is what makes today’s gloves fit so well. With the help of shaped blades and a die cutter, we can punch out precisely shaped parts for various glove styles out of the prepared leather. The most commonly used style today is the French cut with a typically narrow sleeve, while the English style is looser and therefore better suited for lined gloves.

Stitching time

AFTER THE LEATHER IS CUT OUT into the required shapes, the parts are ready to be stitched together. If the gloves feature decoration, though, that work comes first. A wide variety of perforations, vents or embroidering are created in line with the designers’ sketches. Then the parts are stitched together on traditional machines that implement tried-and-tested production techniques combined with precision hand-stitching. Perfectly fitting gloves can’t be made without the nimble fingers of experienced artisans. 

Nearly there

THERE IS STILL A LOT OF WORK to do after the parts are stitched together. In many models a lining is inserted, separating the leather from the hand and making the glove warmer. The most suitable lining materials are high-quality cashmere and pure silk. Some gloves are fitted with zips from the renowned Riri brand or elegant horn buttons. The final operation is to press the gloves, which is done on a heated hand-shaped form. The gloves’ fingers are smoothed so that the final product meets the highest possible aesthetic criteria.

The finishing touch

AFTER MORE THAN 80 SEPARATE OPERATIONS, your perfectly crafted glove is ready to wear. All that is left to do is attach a stud with the letter “E”, the initial of the brand’s founder, Ferdinand Engelmüller, on the strap as a guarantee of premium quality. Then we wrap the pair in silk paper and pack them in a solid cardboard box so they can safely make their way to those who appreciate traditional handmade gloves – you, our esteemed customers.

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